Tora Hed is a performer and dance artist from Sweden, based in Leeds since 2012. She graduated from Northern School of Contemporary Dance in 2015 and received the Carolyn Woolridge Outstanding Performance Award. Tora explores physical and emotional states in her practice and generates new spaces for imagination. Tora has made works from solo to extended pieces, collaborated with other dance, music and filmmakers across the UK and Europe.

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This is an ongoing collaboration with Lilly Pöhlmann. Started in 2015.

This performance creates a structure in which inner and outer spaces of rhythm are created. By seeing the body as the bridge between these two spaces, movement becomes the language that is communicated with. What is made visible with this piece is that borders that have been established between inner and outer rhythms become blurry and porous. In other words, this shift of attention creates a permeable body that is in constant change through a dialogue with the musical composition.

Performed at Tripspace, London 2016 & Tanztendenz, Munich 2016.

Deep Sea

This solo work explores the relationship between the audience and myself on stage. My investigation is based on the subject of the memory of touch and loneliness and on how this experience can take different forms and be articulated with movement.

Collaboration with sound artist Alex De Little.

Performed at Dance Price, Hull 2017 & Blue Elephant Theatre, London 2016.

Fishdog & Friends

A collaboration with Leeds based musicians and dance artists.

Performed at Wharf Chambers, Leeds 2018.


A collaboration with the sound artist Georgie Buchanan.

Performed at Left Bank, Leeds & Live Art Bistro, Leeds.